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Regarding ACCE's IAB Workshop:  "I also wanted to take this opportunity to share some take-aways from my trip to Mobile, [while attending] the ACCE Advisory Board Best Practices Event.  I think someone from our Board (hopefully multiple people) needs to attend every year.  I never thought our involvement would be THAT important to the program, never know how much affect we have."

-Matt Harvell, IAB member from Georgia Southern

"It was pretty easy.... I've had three jobs since graduation and my experience keeps raising my salary."

-Michael Hunter
-CM Major

"The construction profession is so much more than means and methods in executing a project. In our ever more complex world, the language of construction tends to be that of contracts and accounting more than whalers and tie backs. That is why I have come to cherish the background and perspective I received from my construction management education."

-Max Jordan
-University of Nebraska

Board of Trustees

The governing body of ACCE is its Board of Trustees. Elected annually, the Board is composed of a representative of each association member, educators, a minimum of one and a maximum of five persons representative of the public-at-large, a minimum of one and a maximum of five persons representing the industry-at-large, and the Executive Vice President, ex-officio.

Association Trustees

(No term limits)

American Institute of Constructors
Dr. Norma Jean Andersen, CPC 
KWA Construction
631 20 1/2 Avenue West
Fargo, ND  58079

AGC Education & Research Foundation
Mr. Martin Garza, Regional Manager
Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
4540 Kendrick Plaza STE 120
Houston, TX 77032

National Center for Construction Education & Research
Mr. Dan Belcher, Director of Workforce Development
13614 Progress Blvd
Alachua, FL 32615

Associated Schools of Construction
Professor Lori Brown, ASC President
California State University, Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA 95929

National Electrical Contractors Association

National Association of Home Builders
Mr. Greg Zick, Director, Student Chapters
1201 15th Street
Washington, D.C.  20005



Accrediting Agency Trustees

The Charter Institute of Builders
Ms Laura Chin, Accreditation Officer
 1 Arlington Square
Bracewell, UK

Canadian Technology Accreditation Board 
Mr. Geoff Sale 
295-1101 Prince of Wales
Ottawa, Ontario  K2C3W7                                                                        

National Board for Construction
Management Accreditation

Mr. Lu Jianzhong 
Ministry of Construction                                      

China Road and Bridge Corporation                  

P.R. China

Educator Trustees

( 3-year Term/2 term limit)  

Mr. Michael Cooley
North Lake College
Construction Technology Department
Irving, TX
First Term Expires: July 2018

Dr. Michael Emmer
Roger Williams University
Construction Management
Bristol, RI 02809
First Term Expires: July 2017
Mr. Murray Jones
Jefferson State Community College
Construction Management Program
Birmingham, AL
First Term Expires: July 2018

Dr. Mostafa Khattab
Colorado State University
Construction Management Program
Fort Collins, CO 80523
First Term Expires: July 2017
Dr. Robert Ries
University of Florida
School of Construction Management                                 
Gainesville, FL  32611
First Term Expires: July 2019

Dr. John Schaufelberger
University of Washington
Construction Management Program
Seattle, WA
First Term Expires: July 2018
Dr. John Schmidt
Ferris State University
School of Built Environment
Big Rapids, MI  49307
First Term Expires: July 2019

At-Large Trustees

(1-year Term/6 Term Limit)

Dr. Allan J. Hauck
California Polytechnic State University                         
San Luis Obispo, CA  93407

First Term Expires - 2017

Dr. Richard Burt
Auburn University

Auburn, AL  

Third Term Expires - 2017

Dr. Sean Foley

Northern Kentucky University 

Highland Heights, KY

Third Term Expires - 2017

Dr. Khalid Siddiqi

Kennesaw State University
Marietta, GA 30060

Third Term Expires - 2016                             



Industry Trustees

(3-Year Terms/2 Term Limit)

Mr.John Gaver , Executive Vice President, Retired
Wehr Constructors, Inc.
4425 N. Lois Ave.
Tampa, FL  33614

 First Term Expires -- 2017                                     

Ms Cheryel Goodale
PCL Construction Services, Retired 
11515 24 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T6J 3R6

First Term Expires -- 2017

Mr. James Hogan
, Director of Construction Services

11 Greenway Plaza, 22nd Floor 

Houston, TX  77046
First Term Expires -- 2017

Ms Susan Labas
, Sr. Associate
van Zelm Engineers

10 Talcott Notch

Farmington Hills, CT  06032
First Term Expires -- 2017

Mr. Donald McCollister, President, Retired
Turner Industries Group
8687 United Plaza Boulevard, Suite 500
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

First Term Expires -- 2017

Mr. Robert T. Meyer, Consultant 
Turner Construction Company, Retired
209 Fishing Trail
Stamford, CT  06903

 First Term Expires -- 2017                                

Mr. Andrew Yantis, Jr., Senior Vice President
Holder Construction Company 

3333 Riverwood Parkway STE 400

Atlanta, GA  30339
First Term Expires -- 2017

Public Interest Trustees

( 1-Year Term/No Limits)

Mr. Carl N. Roegner, Consultant
American Electric Power, Retired
9725 Northpark Drive
Bonham, TX 75418 


Executive Committee

Board Chair

Dr. Allan J. Hauck

California Polytechnic State University

1 Grand Avenue, 21-245 

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Tele: 805-765-5118

Email: ahauck@calpoly.edu                            

Development Committee Chair 
Dr. Craig Capano
Santa Fe College

3000 NW 83rd St.

Gainesville, FL  32606 
Tele: 617-504-2399 

Email:  craigcapano@yahoo.com

Board Vice Chair & Strategic Planning 
Committee Chair

Dr. Cheryel Goodale

PCL Construction Services, Retired 

Edmonton, Alberta  T6J 3R6

Tele:  780-428-1080

First Term Expires -- 2017

Dupree Education Fund
Committee Chair 

Guidance Committee Chair 
Dr. James Jones
Ball State University
Applied Technology Building #131
Muncie, IL
Tele: 765-285-1433
Email: jwjones@bsu.edu

Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair 
Mr. Mike Cooley
North Lake College 

Box 612007

DFW Airport, TX  75261
Tele: 972-860-7839

Email:   mcooley@dcccd.edu

Leadership Development Committee Chair

Mr. John Gaver 

Wehr Constructors, Inc (Retired)

194 Garden Wood Dr..

Ponte Vedra, FL  32081

Tele: 813-244-5205

Email:  jfgaver@outlook.com

President (Ex Officio) 
Mr. Michael Holland
American Council for Construction Education 
1717 North Loop 1604 E, Ste 320 
San Antonio, TX 78232-1570 
Tele: 210.495.6161 
Email: mholland@acce-hq.org

Standards Committee Chair 
Dr. Abdol Chini , Professor 
University of Florida
P.O. Box 115703, 304 Rinker Hall
Gainesville, FL  32611 
Tele:  352-273-1150
Email: chini@ufl.edu

Accreditation Committee Chair 
Dr. John Schaufelberger 
University of Washington
120 Architecture Hall, Box 351610
Seattle, WA  98195
Tele: 206-685-4440
Email: jesbcon@uw.edu

Training Committee Chair 
Dr. Khalid Siddiqi 
Kennesaw State University
1100 South Marietta Parkway, STE H-330
Marietta, GA  30060 
Tele: 678-915-7221
Email: ksiddiqi@kinnesaw.edu

Recognition Committee Chair
Mr. Murray Jones
Jefferson State Community College
2601 Carson Road
Birmingham, AL  35215
Tele: 205-856-7908
Email:  mjones@jeffstateonline.com

Industry Liaison Committee Chair

Dr. Charles McIntyre

Indiana University-Purdue University at


730 Greenlee Dr.

Indianapolis, IN 46234

Tele: 701-388-5164

Email: chmcinty@iupui.edu