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Accreditation Procedures

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By-Laws   (Last Updated 9/15/17)

Document 100      : Policies Manual

Document 101       : Accreditation Manual

Document 102   : Manual for Preparation of the Self-Evaluation Study

Document 102MD   : Manual for Preparation of the Masters Degree Self-Evaluation Study

Document 103      : Standards and Criteria for Accreditation of Post Secondary Construction Education Degree Program

Document 103 MD : Standards and Criteria for Accreditation of Masters Degree Program

Accreditation Flow Chart

Outcome Based Concordance Document     (Last updated 9/15/17)

Best Practices

#1 - July 2008: Verifying requirements for specified numbers of hours

#2 - February 2007: Industry Advisory Committee

#3 - July 2008: Outcomes Assessment

#4 - July 2008: Industry Advisory

Standards Committee Documents to further assist programs seeking accreditation under the new Standards

Assessment Methods (June 6, 2015)


Commentaries on 4-year SLO's

Curriculum Mapping 4-20-15

Document 102 Supplement June 6, 2015

Outcomes Based Standards Presentation

SACS_ACCE_SLO_Mapping 4-20-2015

Listing of AIC Certification Testing Support of ACCE's Student Learning Outcomes