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Regarding ACCE's IAB Workshop:  "I also wanted to take this opportunity to share some take-aways from my trip to Mobile, [while attending] the ACCE Advisory Board Best Practices Event.  I think someone from our Board (hopefully multiple people) needs to attend every year.  I never thought our involvement would be THAT important to the program, never know how much affect we have."

-Matt Harvell, IAB member from Georgia Southern

"It was pretty easy.... I've had three jobs since graduation and my experience keeps raising my salary."

-Michael Hunter
-CM Major

"The construction profession is so much more than means and methods in executing a project. In our ever more complex world, the language of construction tends to be that of contracts and accounting more than whalers and tie backs. That is why I have come to cherish the background and perspective I received from my construction management education."

-Max Jordan
-University of Nebraska

Annual and Mid-Year Meetings

ACCE hosts 2 meetings in February -- Council Mid Year Meeting & IAB Best Practices Event.

Please note there are 2 separate registrations below -- one for each event.

If you are attending both meetings, please complete both.

If you are attending just the IAB Wednesday evening dinner, that sign up option is on the ACCE Mid Year Meeting form.

The Florida Hotel and Conference Center

Orlando, Florida

Hotel Reservation link

2017 ACCE Mid Year Meeting                             Industry Advisory Board Best Practices Event

February 22 - 25, 2017                                        February 22, 2017

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