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Regarding ACCE's IAB Workshop:  "I also wanted to take this opportunity to share some take-aways from my trip to Mobile, [while attending] the ACCE Advisory Board Best Practices Event.  I think someone from our Board (hopefully multiple people) needs to attend every year.  I never thought our involvement would be THAT important to the program, never know how much affect we have."

-Matt Harvell, IAB member from Georgia Southern

"It was pretty easy.... I've had three jobs since graduation and my experience keeps raising my salary."

-Michael Hunter
-CM Major

"The construction profession is so much more than means and methods in executing a project. In our ever more complex world, the language of construction tends to be that of contracts and accounting more than whalers and tie backs. That is why I have come to cherish the background and perspective I received from my construction management education."

-Max Jordan
-University of Nebraska

Advantages of Accreditation

The primary goal of ACCE is to promote and improve construction education in colleges and universities. By working together through ACCE, people representative of the total construction community and the public at large, construction educators and constructors, establish and maintain standards and criteria for accreditation, provide guidance to those programs seeking to achieve accredited status, and carry out the accreditation process.

ACCE accreditation serves the interests of: 

  • Students: by helping them identify institutions and programs that offer quality education in construction education. 
  • The construction Industry: by enabling employers to identify persons who have the potential for making lasting contributions to the construction industry and their profession, and 
  • Owners / Users of Constructed Facilities and the Public at Large: by raising the professional caliber of constructors and thus the quality of the construction for which they assume responsibility. 

Specifically, accreditation of a construction education program by ACCE assures 

a) students and prospective employers that the program has met stringent industry standards of content and quality 

b) that program graduates have been provided a quality education enabling them to perform a broad range of professional responsibilities 

c) the construction industry and students that the program performs periodic self-evaluations to keep current with emerging technologies and requirements of the construction industry 

Accreditation by ACCE assists an institution and its construction education program in maintaining contact with other programs and practicing construction professionals, and enables the program to 

a) keep current with emerging technologies in the field 

b) increase awareness of current courses, facilities, and services provided by other accredited programs 

c) improve instructional techniques; and 

d) access construction industry contacts nationwide

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