The ACCE Mark Benjamin Lifetime Achievement Award                                                                   Nomination forms     


The American Council for Construction Education is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the annual ACCE Mark Benjamin Lifetime Achievement Award. A maximum of one award is given each year to an individual who has demonstrated a profound effect on construction education over a lifetime of achievements or activities that promote quality construction education and support the development of the next generation of professional construction leadership in the United States.

The Award is named in honor of Mark Benjamin, whose life embodied the achievements this Award is intended to recognize. Mark served as President and CEO of Morley Builders in Santa Monica, California from 1981 until his untimely passing in 2013. Throughout his career, many educators and students benefited from his generous contributions and tireless efforts in support of higher education in construction. 

In addition to his direct support for many University Construction Management programs, Mark sought to improve the quality of education at all institutions through his personal commitment of time and energy to the accreditation work of ACCE. He served as President of ACCE from 2005 to 2007 after being an active member of the Board of Trustees and numerous ACCE committees for more than a decade. After his Presidency, he remained active on the Board, the Nominations Committee, and the Accreditation Committee. Mark lent his organizational and change management skills to the effort of reforming the governance structure of ACCE after 40 years resulting in a new set of By-Laws that created a more responsive organization and one better suited to the needs of 21st century higher education.

Seldom has a practitioner donated so much of his or her personal time and resources to advance the standards of construction education. But beyond his resume, Mark was just a pleasure to work with. He was organized, relentless in trying to accomplish change, and patient with others who were not yet convinced of the changes he was advocating. And he knew when and how to accomplish something with a bit of self-deprecating humor – always followed by a distinctive smile. ACCE is proud to honor others in our industry who demonstrate the extent of service and depth of commitment to construction education that was exemplified by Mark Benjamin.

Letters of nomination for the ACCE Mark Benjamin Lifetime Achievement Award shall be sent to ACCE no later than May 31, 2016. Recommendations for no more than one recipient per year will be made after a review of all nominations by the Development Committee of ACCE. The recommendation from this Committee will be reviewed by the ACCE Board of Trustees at its Annual Meeting normally held in July of each year. Upon the final decision of the Board, the annual winner of the ACCE Mark Benjamin Lifetime Achievement Award will be announced and honored at the next national meeting of ACCE. A register of Award winners will be maintained on the ACCE website.   


Mark Benjamin Life Time Achievement Award Recipients

Initial Award -- February 2016 

Roger Liska, Professor and Chair of the Department of Construction Science and Management for Clemson University, received the first ACCE Mark Benjamin Lifetime Achievement Award at ACCE’s February meeting in Mobile, Alabama. This award, to be given annually, is for “an individual who has demonstrated a profound service to construction education and the development of the next generation of construction professionals.” 

Dr. Liska has been an active member of ACCE since 1978 and has served as chair of all of the council’s standing committees and officer positions, including president. Since becoming involved with ACCE, Roger has served on 25 accreditation teams for post-secondary construction education programs in the United States. Of these, he’s served as chair of 23 teams. He’s also served on accreditation teams to post-secondary construction education programs in China, Canada, England, Scotland and Ireland over the past 20 years. His career truly demonstrates the extent and depth of his commitment to construction.

This award is named in memory and honor of Mark Benjamin, a past President of ACCE and President & CEO of Morley Builders in Santa Monica, California who lost his life in a tragic accident in 2013. ACCE was honored to welcome Mark’s son, Matthew Benjamin, along with Bob Given, Mark’s long-time colleague at Morley Builders, to help present this first award. Matt shared thoughts and remembrances about his father and spoke of his father’s commitment to his work with ACCE. Matt was presented with a plaque of appreciation by Dr. Hauck. 

Dr. Liska received another honor just one month later when Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. recognized Roger with their Chairman’s Lifetime Achievement Award ~ given to a select few who have contributed much to the industry.

Congratulations to Roger on his remarkable career and on his well-deserved honors.