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Board Committees: 

Please refer to Board of Trustees for full list of officers and members.

These Committees report to the Board. For a complete committee roster and more details, CLICK the committee name. 


Accreditation Committee

Chair: Dr. Khalid Siddiqi

Kennesaw State University

Vice Chair: Dr. Craig Capano

Individual Member
Vice Chair: Dr. Rod Stutt

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

The Accreditation Committee considers the accreditation reports and other pertinent materials submitted in connection with the accreditation of an academic program. The Accreditation Committee is also responsible for the development and maintenance, subject to Board of Trustees' acceptance, of ACCE's accreditation procedures, and for visitor training and qualification. Its key responsibility, however, is for recommending accreditation actions to the Board of Trustees - i.e., initial accreditation, continuance or reinstatement of accreditation and revocation or suspension of accreditation.



Finance Committee

Chair: Ms. Pam Dullum, Chair

Individual Member

Vice Chair: Mr. Bill Good

Roofing Alliance

The Finance Committee shall be responsible for preparation and submission of an annual budget; development and execution of an annual plan for funding the budget; oversight of the budget; preparation and maintenance of a five-year budget projection; and maintenance of the financial records of ACCE.



Leadership Development Committee

Chair:  Dr. Cheryel Goodale
Individual Mem

Recent Past Board of Trustees Chair

The Leadership Development Committee's purpose is to develop future leaders of ACCE by helping them become committee chairs, vice chairs, Trustees and Officers.  This Committee may also assist in nominating persons to those positions for Board approval.


Standards Committee

Chair: Dr. Charles Berryman

Louisiana State University - MD

Vice Chair: Dr. Souhail Elhouar

Bradley University

The Standards Committee shall be responsible for the preparation of the criteria and standards upon which all programs in construction education seeking accreditation or re-accreditation by ACCE will be evaluated, in particular Document 103.  All proposed changes in standards and criteria relating to construction education programs shall be sent to the administrators of ACCE accredited programs for comment by program faculty, students, or administrators (allowing an appropriate period of time for comment) prior to final adoption by the Board.



Council of Chairs 

Chair: Dr. Craig Capano

Florida Gulf Coast University

The Council of Chairs will make personal contact with the program leader and Visiting Team Chair soon after each site visit to determine best practices and identify any issues that occurred during the preparation for and conduct of the site visit.  The Council of Chairs has the following responsibilities:  review the accreditation process and make recommendations for improving the process with emphasis on the quality, consistency, and timing of team visits and Visiting Team Reports; make recommendations to promote the consistent interpretation of ACCE standards; and make recommendations on the training and other qualifications necessary for service as a Team Chair or Team Member.


Marketing & Communication Committee

Chair: Joy Svoboda

Individual Member

The Marketing and Communications Committee serves ACCE by developing a marketing plan, strategies, guidelines and overseeing consistent, effective communication aligned with the ACCE mission and the branding message of ACCE. This includes ACCE-branded communications to the membership, committees, and external audiences. The committee provides all ACCE committees with assistance and oversight where needed in creating marketing and communications materials: print, email, signage and merchandise. The committee maintains the ACCE Marketing Plan which is updated every three years (3), and oversees updates and revisions to the ACCE website as needed. The committee coordinates with ACCE staff regarding usage of the resources in the annual ACCE budget approved by the Board of Trustees. 



Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting routine business on behalf of the Board during the period of time between the meetings of the Board and any other matters the Board may delegate to the Executive Committee during any regular or special meeting of the Board.  This Committee specifically oversees the roles and actions of all Special Committees and is not required to bring any actions from those committees to the Board for approval other than for changes in the budget, policies, or accreditation standards.


Special Committees:

These Committees report directly to the Executive Committee.

Awards & Scholarship Committee

Chair:  Mr. Rogers Hunt

Tuskegee University IAB

The Committee shall be responsible for all ACCE fundraising activities, exclusive of the normal income realized from membership dues of all categories, accreditation fees, attendance fees, and investment income.


Training Committee

Chair: Dr. Al Bleakley

Florida Institute of Technology                                                                                                   

Vice Chair: Professor Mikael Anderson

California State University - Sacramento


The Training Committee shall be responsible for structuring appropriate training for Registered Visitors, Educators and Visiting Team Chairs.

Guidance Committee

Chair: Dr. John Schmidt 

Individual Member  

Vice Chair:  Dr. Robert Ries

University of Florida


The Guidance Committee has the following responsibilities:  providing a system of advisory services for construction education programs, including those programs seeking accreditation by ACCE and those already accredited; preparing guidelines and documents with which a program will effect a self evaluation study that will be an integral part of the ACCE accreditation process, in particular ACCE Document 102; recommending to the Executive Committee such changes as may be needed to improve these materials on a scheduled basis; developing and maintaining rules governing the selection and conduct of ACCE recognized mentors; assisting the President in the maintenance of the list of recognized mentors; identifying programs that are potential candidates for ACCE accreditation; and assigning mentors to new candidate programs.


Construction Workforce Education Committee

Chair: Mr. Bill Good

Roofing Alliance

Vice-Chair: Dr. Mostafa Khattab   

MCA Academic Advisor


The ACCE Board of Trustees created a new Construction Workforce Education Committee in 2020 with the goal of developing an accreditation program for construction workforce programs, such as apprenticeship programs, to recognize the importance of those programs in the realm of construction education.


Dr. Mostafa Khattab and Dave David from the Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association worked tirelessly to develop the standards and documents needed to establish the first accreditation visit, which resulted in accreditation being bestowed on the Western States College of Construction, an organization that comprises five different apprenticeship programs in Colorado and Wyoming.

Professional Development Committee 

Chair: Ms. Tammy Crooks                                                                                                


Vice Chair: Mr. Bill Good

Roofing Alliance 


The Recognition Committee is responsible for guiding the Council's interests in providing recognition for non-degree, career-related education programs.  This effort is to recognize the providers and programs which have a quality process and content aimed at providing education other than skills training; it is not aimed at degree-granting programs.  The committee will develop the requirements for non-degree recognition (not accreditation) for evaluating any application and making recommendations to the Executive Committee for recognition acceptance.  The Committee will be made up of a committee chair and members from industry and educator professionals who have a specific interest in post-secondary, professional development.


Industry Liaison Committee

Chair: Dr. Charles McIntyre                                                                    

Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

Vice- Chair: Ms. Susan Labas

Individual Member

Vice-Chair: Mr Charles Roesset

Simpson Strong Tie


The Industry Liaison Committee is to serve as a liaison between the construction industry and the ACCE in order to provide a stronger relationship and input from this important constituency.



Baccalaureate Degree Program Directors Caucus

Chair: Dr. Robert Ries

University of Florida 

The caucus is a forum for like-minded people to discuss current issues in construction education and exchange best practices that advance construction education.



Associate Degree Program Directors Caucus

Chair: Dr. Rod Stutt

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Industry Caucus

Chair: Joy Svoboda



Additional Taskforces:

TLP Taskforce

HVACR Program Taskforce

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