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ACCE provides the public information on all accredited and candidate programs through links to their respective home pages.

The MAP below provides all detailed information on ACCE Accredited Programs. Simply find and select the institution and follow the links.

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ACCE accreditation serves the interests of: 

  • Students: by helping them identify institutions and programs that offer quality education in construction education. 

  • The construction Industry: by enabling employers to identify persons who have the potential for making lasting contributions to the construction industry and their profession, and 

  • Owners / Users of Constructed Facilities and the Public at Large: by raising the professional caliber of constructors and thus the quality of the construction for which they assume responsibility. 

Specifically, accreditation of a construction education program by ACCE assures 

a) students and prospective employers that the program has met stringent industry standards of content and quality 

b) that program graduates have been provided a quality education enabling them to perform a broad range of professional responsibilities 

c) the construction industry and students that the program performs periodic self-evaluations to keep current with emerging technologies and requirements of the construction industry 


Accreditation by ACCE assists an institution and its construction education program in maintaining contact with other programs and practicing construction professionals, and enables the program to 

a) keep current with emerging technologies in the field 

b) increase awareness of current courses, facilities, and services provided by other accredited programs 

c) improve instructional techniques; and 

d) access construction industry contacts nationwide

Accreditation Benefits Primary and Secondary Students:

  • Construction provides career opportunities for financial success while enabling participants to use state-of-the-art technologies to create our built environment.

  • Construction provides exciting opportunities for both professional construction managers and skilled construction craft workers.

  • Construction managers acquire their skills through completion of professional degree programs offered by colleges and universities.

  • Construction craft workers acquire their skills through completion of apprenticeship programs or vocational education programs offered by colleges.

  • Construction craft workers are highly respected in the industry, are well paid, and have fulfilling careers building interesting projects.

  • There is more to construction than meets the eye, explore careers from the jobsite to office.


Accreditation Benefits Parents and High School Counselors:

  • Construction managers have dynamic careers that are hands-on, and technology-driven.

  • Successful construction mangers have unlimited opportunity for upward mobility within the industry.

  • The compensation of skilled construction craft workers often exceeds that of many university graduates.

  • ACCE accredited programs engage with construction professionals to ensure your child’s education has value.

  • Attract students to construction careers that are with exceptional pay that are exciting, rewarding and in high-demand.


Accreditation Benefits Industry College Recruiters:

  • Graduates of ACCE-accredited programs meet the highest standard of excellence for construction education and are in high demand by construction employers.

  • Graduates of ACCE-accredited programs are work-ready and well prepared with both the technical and interpersonal skills needed for success in the industry.


Accreditation Benefits Industry Organizations/Companies:

  • Participation with ACCE-accredited programs provides opportunities to recruit future leaders for your association members.

  • Participation with ACCE-accredited programs provides opportunities to influence the education of construction professionals.

  • ACCE-accredited programs are developing the future leaders of the construction industry.

For a printable version of a list of our Accredited programs- click on the following links

Associate Degree | Baccalaureate Degree | Master's Degree | Candidate Programs 

Accreditation Actions by Board of Trustees

The American Council for Construction Education meets biannually to review Construction Management Degrees at an Associate, Baccalaureate, and Masters Degree level for Compliance with the current ACCE Accreditation Standards.  

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