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TLP Certification Program Workshop Cost

When the TLP Certification Program workshops are offered at ACCE annual and mid-year meetings, the cost will be $320 for the entire 16 hours of workshops offered during the meeting.  The cost of the quizzes will be included in this $320 hours. 


TLP instructors have the option to lead TLP Certification Program workshops at other events, such as Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) regional competitions or local American Concrete Institute (ACI) Chapter events.  Typically these workshops are offered free of charge to event attendees; however, there will be an optional $20 per hour of workshop charge to take the quiz.  The quiz fee in these cases will be paid by the individual through Flexiquiz.


Institutions can contact ACCE directly if they would like to host the entire program for their faculty.  This cost will be negotiated between the institution and ACCE.


TLP Certification Exam Fee

The fee to take the proctored TLP Certification Exam will be $495.  This is a one-time fee for the first time an attendee takes the examination.  Attendees who do not pass the TLP Certification Exam can retake the exam for $195.  The exam is currently only offered at ACCE meetings.

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