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NEW DOCUMENT 103 Review & Public Comments

At the recent 2020 ACCE ANNUAL Conference - VIRTUAL, 121 individuals attended the Standards Committee.  It was chaired, for the last time in his illustrious career, by Dr. Abdol Chini, from the University of Florida.  He had many challenges as the Chair of the Committee, and that included this meeting.  He has been leading our efforts to adjust the Standards to meet the new CHEA requirements as well as to simplify the accreditation process.  He facilitated many debates, and today the Committee came to a resolution of the new standards that would be recommended for approval by the Board.

The draft version of the new Document 103 is here on web site and available for review and public comments.  Please DOWNLOAD/VIEW the NEW DOCUMENT 103 HERE as a PDF file. Enter any "public" comments in the COMMENT SECTION below.

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Document 103 Public Comments

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