ACCE 2020 Annual Meeting


Virtual Implementation

The ACCE Annual Meeting will be conducted this July 17-24, 2020 utilizing ZOOM virtual technology.


ACCE’s Executive Committee decided - after serious consideration and with significant member feedback - that we will not host a live conference this July.

A survey was conducted to determine the impacts COVID-19 has had on ACCE members’ ability to attend the Annual Conference this summer.   The feedback we received convinced us that it would be best to plan to host our July 2020 conference via web-based services.  


We have a number of ACCE business decisions to make during these annual meetings for which we will utilize Zoom virtual meeting technology. 


Be sure to access ZOOM to ensure you have the the latest update to the APP

Virtual Meeting Schedule / Registration Process

The schedule for ACCE’s virtual meetings is published here on the ACCE web site. See the link below to download an spreadsheet of the meetings by Time Zone. Scheduled sessions include Committee meetings, Caucus meetings, and Board of Trustees meetings.  


ACCE Committee meetings are being scheduled to avoid conflicts with other meetings in order to facilitate member participation.  


Each meeting will be set up with a specific Zoom User Code.  Individual registration will be required for each of the meeting sessions you plan to attend.  To assist you with the scheduling and registrations for the meetings, ACCE will post the schedule on the web site with registration done via Eventzilla.  Because there are some minor costs associated with using the technologies, the registration fee will be $10.00 per person.   This nominal fee will allow you to attend all of the open session meetings.  Attendance at meetings will be based on the records of the participants that we collect from Zoom.

Download the Meeting Schedule in PDF by ALL Time Zones"


ACCE Shirts

Be sure to ORDER your ACCE shirts while registering for the 2020 Annual Meeting or simply CLICK HERE and order from the website today. 


ACCE 2021 Midyear Conference - February 2021, Irving Texas