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Discussion Board

Thanks to the generosity of the University of Southern Mississippi and the hard work of Carlos Sterling, a discussion board has been set up for ACCE committees and for comments during our document change cycle. 

Anyone can access the site at this time.  You will see the forums available immediately upon visiting the site.  You cannot, however, participate unless you register.

The following steps will assist you in the document change participation process:

  1.  Access the site at this link

  2.  Select the registration button

  3.  Click on the agreement

  4.  Complete your profile

  5.  Submit

  6.  Once submitted you will receive an email with an authorizing link.  By "clicking" on that link, you will be authorized as a registered member

  7.  Log in using either the button on the top bar or at the end of the forum listings

  8.  For each section needing changes you will see red items for deletions and blue items for new wording.

  9.  Hit post reply to add your comments.

Deadline for input for document changes is November 20, 2017.

For additional information or requests, please contact ACCE at acce@acce-hq.org or call 210.495.6161