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Regarding ACCE's IAB Workshop:  "I also wanted to take this opportunity to share some take-aways from my trip to Mobile, [while attending] the ACCE Advisory Board Best Practices Event.  I think someone from our Board (hopefully multiple people) needs to attend every year.  I never thought our involvement would be THAT important to the program, never know how much affect we have."

-Matt Harvell, IAB member from Georgia Southern

"It was pretty easy.... I've had three jobs since graduation and my experience keeps raising my salary."

-Michael Hunter
-CM Major

"The construction profession is so much more than means and methods in executing a project. In our ever more complex world, the language of construction tends to be that of contracts and accounting more than whalers and tie backs. That is why I have come to cherish the background and perspective I received from my construction management education."

-Max Jordan
-University of Nebraska


Mid Year Meeting -- 2019

APQC Knowledge Management  -Cindy Hubert

APQC 7 Habits -Cindy Hubert

Smart Leader's Leverage -Cindy Hubert

Mid Year Meeting -- 2018

SLO Book Preparation Workshop

SLO Assessment form

Assessing SLO #9

Annual Meeting -- 2017

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Team Assessments

Committee Chair Training

Student Learning Outcomes Documentation  

Evaluating Assessment Validity


Mid Year Meeting -- 2017

Orlando, Florida

Future of Making Things for Construction -- Autodesk

Annual Meeting -- 2016

Atlanta, Georgia

ConsensusDocs: Better Contracts for Better Results    Part 1       Part 2

Wayne Wadsworth, Holder Construction & Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Dr. Abdol Chini presentation to Board -- Highlights of Changes to Document 103 

Mid Year Meeting -- 2016

Mobile, Alabama

Opportunities with CM Schools and the Roofing Industry

Mid Year Meeting -- 2014

Tampa, Florida

The Move to Outcomes Based Accreditation - Dr. John Schmidt

Building Information Modeling in Construction Education - Reid Johnson

Annual Meeting -- 2013

Hartford, Connecticut
Initial Visiting Team Training
Self Study Workshop

Annual Meeting -- 2012

Kansas City, Missouri
Upper Midwest Construction Management Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl Video Link
Documenting Student Learning Outcomes

Mid Year Meeting -- 2012

Phoenix, Arizona
Power for the 21st Century by Chris Davey
Reorganization Plan & Discussion
First Course Portfolio - 4 Year Program Caucus

IAB Meeting

Great Recession - Cynthia Paul
Leadership - Dr. Bill Badger

Annual Meeting -- 2011

Minneapolis, Minnesota
St. Anthony Falls/I-35W Bridge Replacement Project
Documentation : Curriculum Matrix, Coursework and “Closing the Assessment Loop.”

Mid Year Meeting -- 2011

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
CHEA Taxonomy and Effective Practices by Mr. Carl Roegner and Dr. Khalid Siddiqi
Proposed Matrix for ACCE Leadership Positions

Annual Meeting -- 2010

Boise, Idaho
Building Processes by Mr. George Heery

Mid Year Meeting -- 2010

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Construction Management for Owners by Mr. Larry Smith | Curriculum Review by Dr. Richart Burt

Annual Meeting -- 2009

Columbus, Ohio
Building a Program of Excellence: Facing the Challenge by Dr. Mostafa Khattab | Leadership Development by David Mattson

Mid Year Meeting -- 2009

Jacksonville, Florida
CSI Presentation by Ms. Lee Orosco
Corresponding Information Letter from M.s Orosco
Hiring CM Faculty: Current and Future Prospects by Dr. Joe Wright
CII Presentation by Mr. Steve Thomas
CII Best Practices Presentation by Mr. Manuel Garcia
Self Study Workshop: Best Practices in Outcomes Assessment by Dr. Dianne Kay Slattery

Annual Meeting -- 2008

Schaumburg, Illinois
CII Presentation by Mr. Manuel Garcia
CMAA Presentation by Mr. George Gehringer
Outcomes Based Assessment by Dr. Khalid Siddiqi and Mr. Carl Roegner
ACCE White Paper on Standards Issues from Visiting Team Chair Training Session

Mid Year Meeting -- 2008

Dallas, Texas
BIM Applications in CM Education

Annual Meeting -- 2007

Salt Lake City, Utah
Self Study Workshop Presentation by Professor Dianne Kay Slattery
Integration of CM with Architecture and Civil Engineering Curriculum by Dr. Max Kirk and Professor Jason Peschel
ACCE Founder's Award Recipient - Mr. Joe Kimmel

Mid Year Meeting -- 2007

Charleston, South Carolina
Student Learning Outcomes by Dr. Martha Smith Sharpe
Regnier Traveling Fellowship Recipient report by Mr. Joe Karten

Annual Meeting -- 2006

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
CIOB Update by Andrew Platten
NBCMA Presentation by Mr. He Renfei & Mr. Lu Jianzhong
NCCER Presentation by Steve Greene
Texas A&M Presentation by Professor Joe Horlen & Graduate Student Mark Johnston

Mid Year Meeting -- 2006

San Diego, California
Integrating Sustainability into Construction Programs by Dr. Charles Kibert and Dr. Abdol Chini
Electrical Contracting Presentation by Stuart Binstock
Connecting People, Projects and Products by Keven McCook of McGraw Hill

Annual Meeting -- 2005

Providence, Rhode Island
CURT Presentation by Greg Sizemore
Gilbane presents "Building More than Buildings" by Pierre La Perriere