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Mr. Drew Yantis

Senior Lecturer at McWhorter School of Building Science

Auburn University

(Former Senior Vice President, Holder Construction 32 years)

Drew is a Senior Lecturer in the McWhorter School of Building Science at Auburn University, having joined the faculty in January 2021. He actively supports the Association of General Contractors (AGC) Student Chapter and is an American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) Lifetime Member and past member of the Board of Trustees. Drew is active in the several ACCE committees and he is a regular ACCE Visiting Team member, supporting the accreditation of individual construction programs. Drew is a current member of the Industry Advisory Board for the Construction Science and Management Program at Tuskegee University.

Drew has over 32 years of experience providing Preconstruction and Construction Services with Holder Construction, focusing on Colleges and Universities. He was a member of Holder’s Senior Leadership Committee and was instrumental in establishing its Sustainable Services Committee. Drew provided leadership to project teams completing over $3 billion of successful projects, primarily for Colleges and Universities. He is a LEED accredited professional and has been actively involved in over 30 LEED Certified and Registered Projects. He received his BS in Building Construction from Auburn University in 1988 and is the past President of the Industry Advisory Council for the McWhorter School of Building Science at Auburn and past Chair of the Executive Advisory Board for the College of Architecture Design and Construction.


“For over 25 years, I was part of our company’s recruiting team focusing on our college recruiting at Auburn,” Yantis explained. “The resulting engagement with students, faculty, staff and administrators taught me critical lessons about working at a university.”

Yantis is now a Senior Lecturer in the McWhorter School of Building Science (BSCI). A 1987 graduate of the program, he was formerly Senior Vice President of Holder Construction, where he worked for over three decades.


Yantis teaches Project Analysis, Senior Thesis, Contracting Business and Construction Communication, a course which he thinks is vitally important.

“Being a great builder does not only require great technical skills, it also requires great interpersonal and communication skills,” he explained.

He enjoys teaching and sharing his years of professional experience with students and wants to make sure they are prepared for a successful future in the industry.


Yantis has come full circle and is happy to be back at the school where his own career began. “While in school at Auburn, I learned so much from my professors about the power of relationships and the benefits of a strong culture focusing on collaboration, curiosity, respect and hard work. I feel blessed to share these same values with today’s students who are tomorrow’s construction leaders.”


Drew's involvement with ACCE has been significant. ACCE appreciates his contribution to helping improve Construction Education.

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