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Document 103

As per Section 4 of ACCE Document 100, ACCE Policies Manual, our Standards Committee completes a thorough review of Document 103 and then provides recommendations to the Board of Trustees for changes to the Standards.  Here is the specific language in Section 4.



Revision of ACCE Documents 101 and 103 is limited to once every three years (six Annual or Midyear meetings), except that changes, in extraordinary circumstances, can be authorized by a vote of the Board of Trustees within the three-year period if requested by a Committee Chair and recommended by the Executive Committee. Changes to Document 102 should begin immediately as needed when triggered by approved changes to Document 103 with subsequent approvals and availability of these documents being made as soon as possible. An exception to this policy is that changes to any ACCE document required by a higher accrediting authority or for administrative corrections can be made as an exception to the policy at any meeting. Revisions of Document 100 may be proposed by the President, or by an ACCE member per Section 4.2, when needed. All such revisions must be reviewed by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees. 


The Standards Committee has provided the ACCE Office with their proposed revisions for the 2023 version of Document 103.  We welcome you to review these proposed revisions and provide your feedback in the comments section below.


If you want to review the current ACCE Standards Document 103, please click the button below to download the current version.


This webpage will remain available until OCTOBER 21, 2022 7 PM Central for the public to review and provide feedback.


Thank you for your interest in ACCE!

CLICK HERE to view the current Document 103.

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