Industry Professionals are important constituents of ACCE; in fact, Practitioners are equal partners with Educators in the creation and continued leadership of ACCE. Practitioners provide valuable input with regard to the creation of accreditation standards and practices. In addition, they offer extensive support services to their associated academic programs. The information and resources provided here were primarily developed and delivered at the annual "IAB Event" held each February at the Mid-Year ACCE Meeting. IAB or Industry Advisory Board.

This annual program provides real value to Industry Professionals and IAB Members by:

  • Increasing the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a member of an IAB.

  • Developing meaningful industry participation at the local IAB level.

  • Developing and supporting a network of industry professionals who can exchange ideas in an open forum.

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IAB Events

To be announced soon!

IAB Event Handbooks

2021 -- Virtual Event

2020 -- Jacksonville, FL


2019 -- Houston, Texas


2018 -- Tucson, Arizona


2017 -- Orlando, Florida


2016 -- Mobile, Alabama


2015 -- Long Beach, California


2014 -- Tampa, Florida


2013 -- Baton Rouge, Louisiana


2012 -- Phoenix, Arizona


2011 -- Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Construction Managers
Construction Workers
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