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Industry Professionals are important constituents of ACCE; in fact, Practitioners are equal partners with Educators in the creation and continued leadership of ACCE. Practitioners provide valuable input with regard to the creation of accreditation standards and practices. In addition, they offer extensive support services to their associated academic programs. The information and resources provided here were primarily developed and delivered at the annual "IAB Event" held each February at the Mid-Year ACCE Meeting. IAB or Industry Advisory Board.

This annual program provides real value to Industry Professionals and IAB Members by:

  • Increasing the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a member of an IAB.

  • Developing meaningful industry participation at the local IAB level.

  • Developing and supporting a network of industry professionals who can exchange ideas in an open forum.


Industry Advisory Board Meeting

2022 ACCE Midyear Conference

August 23, 2022


024 ACCE Industry Advisory Board Best Practices Forum 

Take Your Industry Advisory Board to the Next Level! 

The only event of its kind, ACCE's IAB Event is a "must attend" program for Advisory Board Members and Program Chairs. - Whether you belong to a long-standing IAB, or are in the early stages of pursuing accreditation, attend this event to share and compare what has been most successful for Industry Advisory Boards and Construction Programs across the U.S. 

This event, as part of the 2024 ACCE MidYear Conference, will kick off a great week for Construction Education. Two additional organizations, AIC and NEF, will be joining us that week with their annual meetings being held at the same venue throughout the week.

ACCE events are a great way to build relationships with educators, to provide input for program curriculum, and to network with industry peers and colleagues from across the country. 

Plan Now to Join Us at the OMNI Las Colinas Hotel in Las Colinas, TX (near Dallas) on February 22, 2024! 



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2023 IAB Event Sponsors

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Morning Session

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast

8:00 AM - 8:15 AM Call to Order& Introduction

8:15 AM - 8:45AM 

Session 1 - ACCE Overview

Format: Presentation


  • Ms. Joy Svoboda, Chair, ACCE Marketing and Communications Committee

  • Mr. Charlie Roesset, Chair, ACCE Board of Trustees

  • Mr. Steve Nellis, President | CEO, ACCE

Topical Content:

  • ACCE mission and strategic plan

  • Accreditation essentials 

  • Industry Participation in the Academic Process

  • Newsworthy items from companies and ACCE

8:45 AM - 9:45 AM 

Session 2 - Trends in the Recruitment and Placement of CM Students and CM Program Instructors

Format: Panel Discussion​

  • Ms. Heather Gay, Director of Construction Management, Dunwoody College of Technology

  • Ms. Julie Rose, Coordinator, Community and Student Engagement and Public Relations Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Dr. Robert Cox, Director, M.E. Rinker School of Construction Management, University of Florida

  • Mr. Drew Yantis, Senior Lecturer, Auburn University

  • Dr. Gerrard Delatte, Professional in Residence, Louisiana State University

Topical Content: 

  • Recruiting a diverse population - best practices 

  • Recruiting pools traditional and non-traditional students - ACE, Helmets to Hardhats 

  • Input vs Output- Student Recruitment/Placement and Impact on Starting Salaries (ACCE database)

  • Faculty Recruitment to meet demand

  • ACCE Scholarship Program for Practitioners

  • Guest Lecture Programs- Recruitment from Industry

  • Current Issues with Program Faculty- Faculty PhD programs expansion 

9:45 AM – 10:00 AM Break


10:00 AM -10:45 AM 

Session 3 - Distance Learning Trends, Technology and Lessons Learned 

Format: Presentation​

  • Dr. Mike Jackson, Chair, Neiri Department of Construction, Development and Planning , Clemson University

  • Dr. Kimberly Williams, Online Programs Manager, Louisiana State University

  • Professor Stephanie Heumann, Professional in Residence, Louisiana State University 

  • TBD, East Carolina University

Topical Content:

  • Development and Optimization of on-line courses- on-line course demonstration 

  • Lessons learned and Best Practices

  • Technology - Learning Management Systems, Expansion of Current Technology 

  • Best practices

10:45 AM -11:30 AM 

Session 4 - Workforce Development and Accreditation


  • Mr. Bill Good, National Roofing Alliance and Chair, ACCE Construction Workforce Education Committee

  • Dr. Mostafa Khattab, President, Western States College of Construction 

  • Ms. Heather Sherwood[SON1] , VP of Academic Affairs, Western States College of Construction 

Topical Content:

  • Initiatives for accreditation of workforce training programs

  • Accreditation of construction affiliated programs

  • Demand for Craft Instructors

11:30 AM-12:00 PM 

Session 5 - Industry Associations and Support 

Format: Panel Discussion


  • Mr. Marty Garza, AGC Foundation

  • Mr. Tim Mongeau, Association of Builders and Contractors

  • Dr. Warren Plugge, Assoicated Schools of Construction

  • Mr. Greg Bradshaw, American Institute of Constructors 

  • TBD, National Association of Women in Construction

  • Mr. Dan Belcher, National Center For Construction Education and Research[SON2] 

Topical Content:

  • Associations and support through student chapters

  • Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) - Collaboration and Partnering

  • Student Achievement and Curriculum Feedback Support

  • Scholarships and financial support

12:00 PM - 1:15 PM Lunch 


Afternoon Session

1:15 - 2:15 PM 

ACCE Industry Caucus 

Format: Caucus Meeting

Ms. Jov Svoboda, Chair, ACCE Industry Caucus 

Topical Content:

  • Discuss the mission and purpose for the Industry Caucus

  • Discuss new business 

  • How Industry can get incolved through Caucus and be a Trustee on ACCE Board.


Track I

2:15 - 3:15 PM 

Session A – Industry Participation in the Development of SLO’s

Format: Panel Discussion

Dr. Chuck Berryman[SON3] , Louisiana State University

Dr. Robert Ries, University of Florida

Dr. John Schmidt, Retired, Ferris State University

Topical Content:

  • SLO revisions current and future

  • Internship Integration into SLO’s to Adding Value for the Student and Program

3:15 - 4:15 PM

Session B - IAB Roundtable

Format: Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Alan Galloway, President, IUPUI Industry Advisory Board

  • Ms. Sue Perlin, Retired, Partner, Plante Moran CPA

  • Mr. Scott Couper, [SON4] LSU Construction Industry Advisory Council

  • Dr. Charlie McIntyre, Retired, IUPUI, Department Chair

Topical Content:

  • An Organizational Template 

  • Program Oversight and Management 

  • IAB Organizational Template  

  • IAB Structure and Fund Raising 


Track II

2:15 PM – 4:15

Initial VT Training

Format: Presentation

  • Dr. Al Bleakley, Chair, ACCE Training Committee

  • Ms. Heather Gay, Vice-Chair, ACCE Training Committee

Topical Content:

  • How to get involved as a member of an ACCE Visiting Team 

  • Basic requirements and activities needed to be a Visiting Team Member

4:15 PM - 4:45 PM 

Closing Remarks

  • Mr. Paul Mattingly, Chair, ACCE Industry Advisory Board Event Committee

  • Mr.Steve Nellis, President | CEO, ACCE


5:30-6:30 Reception – Omni Hotel

6:30-9:30 Dinner and Networking - Cork & Pig Tavern

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2021 IAB Handbook
Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 2.25.49 PM.png

IAB Event Handbooks

2023 -- CEC Irving, Texas

2022 -- CEC Irving, Texas

2021 -- Virtual Event

2020 -- Jacksonville, FL


2019 -- Houston, Texas

  • Workbook


2018 -- Tucson, Arizona

  • Workbook


2017 -- Orlando, Florida

  • Workbook


2016 -- Mobile, Alabama

  • Workbook


2015 -- Long Beach, California

  • Workbook 


2014 -- Tampa, Florida

  • Workbook


2013 -- Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Workbook


2012 -- Phoenix, Arizona

  • Workbook


2011 -- Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Workbook

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