At the recent 2020 ACCE Annual Meeting, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the creation of the Construction Workforce Education Programs ACCE Accreditation.

During the 2020 ACCE Conference Board of Trustees meeting, the discussion of our new Committee that the Apprenticeship Accreditation Task Force has initiated for us was then approved by a unanimous vote.


Dr. Mostafa Khattab and Dave Davia from the Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association worked tirelessly to assemble the documents needed to establish the first procedure and accreditation for an apprenticeship program.  They will be the first Program to be accredited under the purview of the new Construction Workforce Education (CWE) Committee.  

Accreditation Actions by Board of Trustees

The American Council for Construction Education meets biannually to review Construction Management Degrees at an Associate, Baccalaureate, and Masters Degree level for Compliance with the current ACCE Accreditation Standards.