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"I chose to enroll in the TLP workshop to increase my knowledge and skills to be a more effective instructor. The course appeared interesting and did not disappoint.


The greatest benefit to me is increasing student success through tested classroom practices. Having diversity and multiple perspectives in the classroom cohort was beneficial.


The quality of the lectures and content was good and I immediately implemented two practices in course delivery."

George W. Tedder III, P.E., M. Eng.
Assistant Professor   
Construction and Technical Programs

Santa Fe College


Welcome to the landing page of the Teaching and Learning Practitioner (TLP) Certification Program!  Our workshops and exams are offered primarily at American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) events; however, individual workshops are sometimes offered at other construction events, such as ASC Competitions.  Educational institutions, companies, and organizations can contact ACCE at if they wish to offer the entire TLP Certification Program at their facility.



The mission of the TLP Certification program is to provide construction educators and industry professionals with the opportunity to improve their teaching practices and curricula while gaining a credential that can be recognized industry wide.  



The vision of the TLP Certification program is to provide a teaching certification that can help show construction education institutions that the holder has achieved a minimum level of knowledge in teaching.  The TLP credential, coupled with industry experience and formal education or training should indicate that the holder is serious about educating students and possesses a background in instruction.


TLP Program Objectives

The objectives of the TLP Certification Program are to:

  1. Improve the learning of students by training construction educators in the best practices of teaching and learning.

  2. Become the go-to program for training existing, new, and future construction faculty in education fundamentals.

  3. Receive ACCE Professional Development Program Certification per PD 301.

  4. Continuously develop, evolve, and add program offerings in the latest evidence-based teaching and learning strategies.

  5. Grow the number of construction educators completing the program.


TLP Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the TLP Certification program, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand fundamentals of effective teaching and learning strategies.

  2. Understand effective techniques to assess student learning.

  3. Understand methods to create, improve, or organize courses or classes.

  4. Understand methods to facilitate and support student learning.


TLP Workshops and Specialty Areas

Each workshop in the TLP Program varies from 1/2 hour to 3 hours in length, depending on the course.  Each workshop is designated in one of three specialty areas, and to earn the TLP certification, an attendee must have a minimum of 8 hours in one of the three areas.  The three areas are:

  • Curriculum Development (CD)

  • Instructional Delivery (ID)

  • Content Creation (CC)

The TLP workshops were created to help instructors and future instructors learn about cognitive findings on how students learn, as well as motivation theory.  Workshops are centered around current expectations of the industry and the role and availability of technology resources.


TLP Workshop Quizzes

Each workshop has an associated multiple-choice quiz.  The TLP Certification  Program currently utilizes the web-interface Flexiquiz for each end of course quiz.  An the end of each workshop, an attendee will be provided with a link to a web-based quiz that consists of 3 questions for each half hour of instruction, drawn from the course question bank.  An attendee has three tries to pass the quiz with a 66% or better score.


TLP Workshop Certification Exam

The TLP Certification Program concludes with a proctored certification exam after an attendee has taken 16 hours of instruction and passed the associated quizzes.  The exam is currently given at the ACCE events, is proctored, and is paper based.  The exam will be custom built for each attendee based on the workshops for which they have passed the quizzes.  Upon passing the exam, you will be notified and receive your certification.  You will then be allowed to use the letters TLP after your name.


What is planned for the future of the TLP Certification Program?

The intent is to add advanced certifications in the future.  These advanced certifications will be more involved, offered only at ACCE headquarters in Dallas, and include a more robust attendee evaluation system.  It is anticipated these advanced certification programs will include training on:

  1. Evaluation of teaching and learning strategies.

  2. Analysis of assessment instruments.

  3. Application of active and engaged learning in classroom situations.

  4. Analysis of tools and strategies used for course organization and communication.

  5. Creation of instructional tools for teacher training.

  6. Instruction of teaching and learning fundamentals.

  7. Evaluation of teaching and learning fundamentals.


Creating a proposal for a TLP Certification Program class.

Please contact Dr. Sherry Miller with ACCE for TLP inquiries.  ACCE staff will monitor and involve TLP Task Force when needed.

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