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The CWEC considers all accreditation reports and other materials submitted in conjunction with the accreditation of a construction workforce development education program.


After review and deliberation, the CWEC makes recommendations to the ACCE Board for initial accreditation, renewal of accreditation, or reinstatement of accreditation for any construction workforce education program which has applied for, been reviewed and which, in the opinion of the CWEC, has met the standards and criteria established by ACCE for accreditation. The CWEC also may recommend deferral of action by the Board until a date recommended by the committee. This is to enable the Institution to provide additional information before an accreditation decision is made.


The CWEC may also make recommendations to the Board for the denial, revoking, or suspending of accreditation of any construction workforce education program which, in the opinion of the CWEC, does not or has ceased to comply with the standards and criteria for accreditation.


Construction Workforce Education

Committee Roster

UPDATED 08-18-2022

Committee Documents

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