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The Executive Committee shall consist of the Board Officers, the Immediate Past Chair of the Board, the Chairs of all Board and Special committees, and such other appointed members as the Board Chair may determine from time to time.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting routine business on behalf of the Board during the period of time between the meetings of the Board and any other matters the Board may delegate to the Executive Committee during any regular or special meetings of the Board.

The Executive Committee specifically oversees the roles and actions of all Special Committees and is not required to bring any actions from those committees to the Board for approval other than for changes in the budget, policies, or accreditation standards.

Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the Board Chair, who also chairs the Executive Committee. Minutes of each Executive Committee meeting shall be prepared promptly by the Secretary and forwarded to the President, the Executive Committee, and the Board.

Executives at Work

Executive Committee Roster

Updated 8.5.23

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