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The Guidance Committee shall have responsibility for providing a system of advisory services for construction education Programs, including those Programs seeking accreditation by ACCE and those already accredited.


The Guidance Committee shall be responsible for the preparation of guidelines and documents which a Program will use to develop a Self-Evaluation Study (SES) that will be an integral part of the ACCE accreditation process and shall recommend to the Executive Committee such changes as may be needed to improve these materials. All proposed changes to the materials shall be presented to the Executive Committee for consideration and approval prior to being incorporated into the official materials used in the accreditation process.

The Guidance Committee shall also be responsible to the Executive Committee for identifying Programs that are potential candidates for ACCE accreditation and assigning and monitoring mentors to new applicant Programs or existing accredited Programs in compliance with Board policy.

College Campus

Guidance Committee Roster

UPDATED 8.5.23

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