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Upcoming Accreditation Visits

August 4, 2020

Well, we just finished the most amazing and largest ACCE Conference! But we must keep on moving! Here are the programs that are scheduled for reaccreditation, along with one initial accreditation, for this Fall 2020.
 Arizona State University – Visiting Team Chair is Pam Dullum
 Georgia Southern University – Visiting Team Chair is Dr. John Schmidt
 Kennesaw State University – Visiting Team Chair is John Gaver
 Lansing Community College – Initial Accreditation – Visiting Team Chair is Dr. Rod Stutt
 Oregon State University – Visiting Team Chair is Dr. Souhail Elhouar
 Saskatchewan Polytechnic – Visiting Team Chair is Dr. Cheryel Goodale
 University of Wisconsin, Stout – Visiting Team Chair is Dr. Brian Wasserman
The teams have been established and are now in the process of being confirmed by the program leaders. The documents are loaded onto OneDrive and the teams will be reviewing them. We will need to determine exactly how to conduct the actual campus visit, as I like to say, at game time. The teams are set up so that most, if not all, of the members could drive to the campus, but only if the campus will be open for visitors. At "game time", we will review each visit and the travel / COVID circumstances to make a decision regarding the use of virtual technology as being a part or as the whole visit. At this time, all of the programs are planning on some sort of physical visit. Stay tuned.......
We will have a busy Spring for accreditation visits as well. These are the following programs that are being set up for reaccreditation visits now:
 Baton Rouge Community College – Associate's degree
 California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo – Bachelor's Degree
 California State University, Chico- Bachelor's Degree
 Central Washington University - Bachelor's Degree
 Illinois State University - Bachelor's Degree
 Louisiana State University – Master's Degree
 University of Houston - Bachelor's Degree
 University of Louisiana, Monroe - Bachelor's Degree
 University of Maryland, Eastern Shore - Bachelor's Degree
 University of Southern Mississippi - Bachelor's Degree
 Wentworth Institute of Technology – Master's Degree
Should you be interested in participating on one of these Visiting Teams, send me an email and we will coordinate the possible visit.

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