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ACCE Unwavering Commitment to Construction Excellence

Amid Solar Eclipse Spectacle

Prof. Erin Vitale (Chair), Dr. Tulio Sulbaran, Mr. John Gaver, Dr. Andy Chae, and Dr. Robert Swegle

The American Council for Construction Education’s (ACCE) unwavering commitment to construction education is demonstrated one more time even during a solar eclipse. An ACCE accreditation visiting team was at the Bradley University Construction Program for the astronomical event. The five-member ACCE team, comprising Prof. Erin Vitale (Chair), Dr. Tulio Sulbaran, Mr. John Gaver, Dr. Andy Chae, and Dr. Robert Swegle, found themselves immersed in a unique blend of professional evaluation and celestial wonder during their visit to the university campus.

Amid the rare occurrence of a solar eclipse, the accreditation team embarked on their comprehensive assessment of Bradley University's construction management programs. Led by Prof. Erin Vitale, the team approached their task with a sense of excitement, eager to delve into the university's construction program and engage with faculty, students, administrators, and industry professionals.

Dr. Tulio Sulbaran, a seasoned accreditation faculty, expressed enthusiasm for the intersection of academic evaluation and astronomical marvel.

"The ACCE is accustomed to assessing programmatic excellence, but experiencing a solar eclipse during our visit adds an extra dimension of wonder. It's a reminder of the beauty and complexity of the world we inhabit." - Dr. Tulio Sulbaran

Dr Tulio Sulbaran "Grill Master"

Throughout their visit, the ACCE team engaged in meetings, interviews, and document reviews, meticulously evaluating Bradley University's adherence to ACCE's rigorous construction accreditation standards. Mr. John Gaver, a construction industry professional serving on the accreditation team, emphasized the importance of accreditation in ensuring the quality and relevance of construction management education to the construction industry.

Prof. Erin Vitale chair of the ACCE Visiting team remarked  that "For students and employers alike, accreditation signifies a seal of approval, indicating that a program meets established standards of excellence." The solar eclipse provided a unique backdrop. Dr. Andy Chae and Dr. Robert Swegle, both esteemed academics with expertise in construction education, marveled at the celestial spectacle alongside students and faculty members, further enriching their visit with shared moments of wonder and discovery.

Dr. Robert Swegle with Bradley U Toast


Steve Nellis

President / CEOAmerican Council for Construction EducationSteve.Nellis@ACCE-HQ.org972-600-8800 (o)



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