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Howdy ACCE Friends As part of our continued communication effort, we are highlighting specific accredited programs within the ACCE system. These are randomly selected schools, professional development, and workforce programs. Hopefully, this will help the ACCE community have an even better appreciation of the efforts made for accreditation, reaccreditation, and certification. Please note that most of the content for this Highlight is provided by the Program's website and the latest ACCE Visiting Team Report for the Program. NEXT UP Illinois State University

Illinois Governor William H. Bissell signed the law creating Illinois State Normal University (ISNU) on February 18, 1857

A name for over 100 years

Illinois Governor William H. Bissell signed the law creating Illinois State Normal University (ISNU) on February 18, 1857. The name was chosen because the school was established to prepare teachers and "Normal" meant "teaching." Origins of the term go back to the French Revolution, with would-be teachers learning the standards, or "norms," of pedagogy. The name served the institution well for more than a century. In the aftermath of World War II, however, societal changes led to concerns from many that the name was too narrow for a school with a larger mission.

The new ISU

A 1959 push failed, but a student-led "ISU in '62" effort was successful. The state approved the change to Illinois State University at Normal in summer 1963, effective January 1, 1964. The name became Illinois State University in 1967.

In 1966, the Illinois Board of Higher Education formally recognized the school as a multipurpose developing liberal arts university. Teacher education was re-emphasized five years later by the board, just as baby boomers were exiting K-12 schools. The lack of clarity led to a conflicted university vision that lasted through the 1980s, according to Professor of History Emeritus John Freed, author of the 2007 sesquicentennial history Educating Illinois.

It took time for ISU to become the University that name change proponents envisioned—one in which faculty research, teaching, and public service work together as complementary institutional strengths to become the premier undergraduate institution it is today.

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Why study Construction Management? Construction requires well-educated professionals who can manage the complexities of building. Quality, affordable structures with a variety of complex technological systems are in high demand. Building and facility construction typically comes with an aggressive timeline. The practical experience in the Construction Management major at Illinois State ensures you can successfully and safely manage time, cost, labor, materials, and other resources. Accredited by the American Council For Construction Education (ACCE), the Construction Management major develops leaders for the building construction industry.

  • Program Missions and Objectives

  • Degree Program Assessment Plan

  • Assessment Results

Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students receive a background in:

  • construction management

  • administration

  • technology

  • architectural and engineering principles

  • business

  • applied science

  • mathematics

The program focuses on production, technical, and management capabilities rather than design and craft skills. lIlinois State hosts a Construction Management Career Fair every semester, connecting our in-demand students with some of the nation's largest builders and contractors.

That is all for now! More program highlights to come!!

Steve Nellis

President / CEO American Council for Construction Education 214-755-6105 (c) 972-600-8800 (o)


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