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Dr. John Schaufelberger

Thank you for your service to ACCE!

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Today, July 23, 2021, is John Schaufelberger’s last day serving as Chair of the Board of Trustees.  We all agree that John has been a fantastic leader and facilitator during the past two years.  I am very fortunate to have had John in his role during my transition into my role at ACCE.


John has been our steady leader during our efforts to be re-recognized by CHEA, guided us during our transition of all our documents and new accreditation processes, and during our efforts to conduct our business during the COVID pandemic.  His expertise in leading people and providing guidance have been instrumental for ACCE.  He is our unofficial guru of ACCE.


A tradition at ACCE is for the Board to officially recognize the out-going Chair with some proper recognition.  Although we will not be in the same room to show John our appreciation, there is  a presentation to occur at the end of today’s open Board of Trustees meeting.  At the appropriate time, Charlie and I will acknowledge John and the plaque will be physically handed to him at his home outside of Seattle.  Please join us at that time to give John a “Golden Buzzer” standing ovation.  


Also, we have set up this web page for everyone to provide their personal appreciation for John’s efforts.  Please provide some comments on this web page.

Dr. John Schaufelberger

ACCE Board Chair


Tell John what you think!

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