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Updated: Mar 18

Dr. Sean Foley

Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor

Construction Management at Northern Kentucky University

Dr. Sean Foley is a highly accomplished and respected scholar in the field of construction management. As the Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor, Construction Management at Northern Kentucky University, he has made significant contributions to the academic community and has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of the construction industry. 

Dr. Foley's journey in construction management began with his undergraduate studies in Construction Management at Northern Kentucky University, where he developed a keen interest in the field. He went on to earn his MST, Engineering Systems from NKU, eventually earning his Ph.D. from Miami University.

He takes great pride in his years working in industry prior to joining higher education. Apart from his years working part-time and co-op positions, Dr. Foley worked full time with a consulting civil engineer starting on the survey crew and working his way up to project manager and designer. During this time, he completed and managed projects including residential subdivisions, commercial/industrial parks, and complex mixed use retail developments. He has certainly put that experience to good use as it evident by his hands on teaching approach.

With his industry experience, strong educational foundation and expertise in construction management, Dr. Foley joined Northern Kentucky University as a faculty member in 2000. Throughout his tenure, he has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, dedication, and a deep commitment to advancing construction management education.


As a leader in the Haile College of Business, Dr. Foley plays a vital role in overseeing the department's curriculum, faculty, and student development. His strategic vision and innovative approach have led to the implementation of cutting-edge programs and initiatives that prepare students for the evolving challenges of the construction industry.


In addition to his research and administrative responsibilities, Dr. Foley is deeply committed to mentoring and guiding students. He actively engages with students, providing them with valuable insights and guidance in their academic and professional pursuits. Dr. Foley's mentorship has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous students who have gone on to become leaders in the construction industry.

Dr. Sean Foley has made significant contributions to the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). As a dedicated Lifetime Member and advocate for the organization, Dr. Foley has played an instrumental role in promoting excellence in construction education and advancing the profession.


The American Council for Construction Education is a leading accrediting body for construction management and related programs in the United States. Its mission is to ensure the quality and continuous improvement of construction education programs through accreditation, program evaluation, and collaboration with industry professionals.


Dr. Foley's involvement with the ACCE stems from his passion for enhancing construction education and preparing students for successful careers in the industry. As a member of the organization, he has actively participated in various initiatives and committees aimed at raising the standards of construction education and promoting best practices.


One of Dr. Foley's notable contributions to the ACCE is his involvement in the accreditation process. As an experienced educator and administrator, Dr. Foley has played a crucial role in evaluating and accrediting construction management programs across the country. His expertise and insights have helped ensure that these programs meet the rigorous standards set by the ACCE, providing students with a high-quality education that prepares them for the demands of the industry.

In addition to his work in accreditation, Dr. Foley has also been actively engaged in promoting collaboration between academia and industry professionals. Recognizing the importance of industry partnerships in shaping construction education, Dr. Foley has facilitated connections between construction management programs and industry leaders. These collaborations have resulted in valuable opportunities for students, such as internships, industry-sponsored projects, and guest lectures by industry experts.


Furthermore, Dr. Foley has been a strong advocate for incorporating emerging trends and technologies into construction education. He recognizes the rapidly evolving nature of the industry and the need for students to be equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. Through his involvement with the ACCE, Dr. Foley has championed the integration of innovative teaching methods, such as virtual reality simulations and Building Information Modeling (BIM), into construction management curricula.


Dr. Foley's dedication to promoting excellence in construction education and his active involvement with the ACCE have earned him respect and recognition within the industry. His contributions have not only strengthened the ACCE's mission but have also positively impacted the education and future careers of countless students in the field of construction management.


In conclusion, Dr. Sean Foley's commitment as a Lifetime Member of ACCE exemplifies his commitment to advancing construction education and preparing students for successful careers. Through his involvement in accreditation, industry collaborations, and the integration of emerging technologies, Dr. Foley has made a lasting impact on the field of construction management. His dedication and contributions to the ACCE have solidified his reputation as a respected leader and advocate for excellence in construction education


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